The Stifle Joint Of The Horse

Your horse’s stifle joint is the joint directly above the hock joint on the hind leg. It’s the largest joint in the horse’s body.  The stifle joint functions to flex and extend the hind leg, moving your horse along. The passive stay apparatus that locks your...

Why Your Horse’s Hooves Need Some Ice Therapy

What’s the big deal about icing horse hooves?  If you have ever seen a horse with laminitis, you understand the agony and suffering that goes on. It’s horrible. Doing everything you can to prevent such a situation will help your horse have a better life! But...

Meet Casey Allen–Barrel Racer

Meet Casey Allen! The barrel racer!  Who turns and burns!  And also has a wildly successful partnership with her lovely horse Switch.  The life of a barrel racer is one that largely happens on the road – which means countless miles in the rig and lots of...

An Introduction into Inflammation & Icing Horses

Does your horse need ice therapy?  Yes–much of the wear and tear damage occurs without you seeing or feeling it!  When you dig into how ice therapies work, you see that there are many short and long term benefits to this easy and inexpensive way to pamper...

Leg Care for the Western Horse

No matter the discipline, English or Western, horses perform a variety of jobs that all put stress on their joints, their backs, and the soft tissues in their legs. Even the seemingly low impact trail horse or western pleasure horse needs supportive and therapeutic...

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