We teamed up with the lovely ladies at Heels Down Media to sponsor "Heels Down Happy Hour Podcast 45: Be The Best You Can Be.”

If you have not tuned in before, the HDM Happy Hour podcasts are both hilarious and informative.

We asked the HDM team to review our Ice Horse Tendon Wraps. If you visit their podcast, the review starts at the 18:45 minute mark.

Here’s our transcription of what they had to say about the Ice Horse Tendon Wraps:


Alright, so we’re moving onto our product review and this month it’s Ice Horse’s Tendon Wraps and Ellie, I know you have a pair of these too, right?


Yes, I love them. I’ve had them for years.


So tell me about them.  How do you use them? Like every day or do you use them mostly for your jumper?  


I use them for both, specifically at horse shows. They come in handy more than they do at home, so I put them in a cooler with like other ice packs and like drinks I’m going to have for shows, you know, like Gatorade and stuff. And then basically if my reiner has run really hard or if I jump my big guy a bit higher than he’s used to at home or whatever, I’ll take them out once the show is over and just pop them on and graze the horses by the trailer.

And it’s just super easy because especially with day trips, you know, sometimes you don’t have access to a really nice wash rack to cold hose and I also hate cold hosing.  I get so bored so it’s great to have a cold therapy option where the horse is not standing there getting annoyed and I’m not there standing getting annoyed.  


I would totally and what I like about these is they are so much easier than the more traditional ice boots that you think of that you have to actually fill with ice and that can be so messy and when you try to get a horse to stand in them for a prolonged period of time in the cross ties or something. These are so easy and like you said, I just pull the packets out of the cooler or the freezer and they’re really neat because they don’t get hard like an ice pack in your lunch box or that you use to ice your back at home.  

They’re really soft and fluffy when they’re frozen and they’re really easy to insert in the actual boots and then you just strap them on like any other pair of boots and I could let my horse eat hay in a stall, or you can hang out on the cross ties and dry off while he’s wearing them. So basically, what they consider this is almost like dry cryotherapy, which I know we’ve talked about cryotherapy for humans on the show before but what makes it easy again, is there’s no melting ice, there’s no mess. You don’t have to refill boots or buckets and the cold inserts stay cold for up to two hours and they only take about an hour to refreeze. So if you’re at a horse show and if you could bring a freezer for your tack, stall or whatever, that’s a great way to refreeze them and use them again. What’s cool about Ice Horse if you’re not familiar with the company, all their products are made here in the USA.


So Jess, I know you have a bunch of different horses going at all different levels in your barn. How often do you use cold therapy products like this on your horses legs?


We use them quite often actually. So we do, every time that the horses gallop, they will get iced, same sort of similar thing and then if the big horses jump, like basically what Ellie was saying, if they jumped at home a bit bigger that day, then they’ll get iced. If they’re at the horse show and they’ve jumped one of the bigger classes, they get iced.

The event horses, every time they go cross country, they get iced then every time they jump bigger, same thing that horse will get iced so we actually which we’ll talk about later in the segment, but we bring a freezer with us because the amount of horses that we end up needing the refillable ice packs, we bring a little miniature freezer to the horse shows with us so that it’s very easy to stick it back in because for us we found that keeping it on the ice is only good for one or two uses. But when we have you know eight horses that need to get iced that day, they don’t freeze fast enough. So we actually bring ourselves a little freezer.


And you just keep it in your tack stall?  


We just keep using it in the tack stalls along with what we’ll go back into later but along with a lot of other essential things but yeah, just in our tack stall. It’s like a little mini like you know a lot of dorm rooms have the mini fridge. We have like a mini fridge and a mini cooler freezer that go.

It’s super easy because a lot of places you go there’s plugin units obviously certain horse shows don’t have them so we don’t bring it but I’d say 90% of time we’re able to bring that freezer.

Yeah, and it’s really easy or a lot of people have it like in the trailer like living quarters. You can shove them in the freezer in your living quarters.

So yeah, just you only need a couple of them and that’s easy.

What I like about these is they are so much easier than the more traditional ice boots that you think of that you have to actually fill with ice and that can be so messy and when you try to get a horse to stand in them for a prolonged period of time in the cross ties. Justine Griffin

Co-Host, Heels Down Media Happy Hour Podcast

  • Tendon Wraps

    Tendon Wraps


    QTY | SIZE
    • Pair - 4 Cold Inserts
    • Single - 2 Cold Inserts
    • Pony - Pair 4 Cold Inserts
    • Pony - Single 2 Cold Inserts
  • Replacement Ice Packs

    Replacement Ice Packs


    QTY | SIZE
    • 2-Pack Cold Inserts- 6" x 10"
    • 4-Pack Cold Inserts- 6" x 10"
    • 12-Pack Cold Inserts- 6" x 7"
    • 4-Pack Cold Inserts- 6" x 7"
    • 2-Pack Cold Inserts- 6" x 7"
    • 12-Pack Cold Inserts-6" x 12"
    • 12-Pack Cold Inserts - 6" x 10"
    • 4-Pack Cold Inserts-6" x 12"
    • 2-Pack Cold Inserts-6" x 12"

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