Back Blanket


  • Full Size - 10 Cold Inserts
  • Pony Medium - 14 Cold Inserts
  • Pony Small - 10 Cold Inserts
Now available in Pony Size!

Designed to tackle equine back problems particularly common in performance horses. Contoured design provides maximum coverage from the withers and shoulder blades, along the spine and over the Sacroiliac joint.

Use after trailering your horse to alleviate the aches and pains from constantly adjusting their weight in the trailer.

Reusable Cold Capsule Inserts stay cold for over two hours allowing maximum penetration of cold therapy to deep muscle and connective tissue.

May be used with all the packs or in isolated sections to target specific areas.

  • Easy to use Ice Horse® Back Blanket with reusable inserts provides uniform compression and coverage to reduce soreness, inflammation and heat.
  • Ice packs mold to the horses back for maximum coverage and stay cold for over 2 hours.
  • Cold Capsule inserts are reusable. When you are done, simply place your packs back in the freezer. Within hours they are ready to use again.
  • Surcingles are made with anti migration fabric. This unique breathable fabric keeps the Back Blanket in place on the and the cold pack compressed against the area being treated.
  • Specially designed Velcro closures allow for a secure tight fit every time. Removal is easy—no yanking or jerking on the tabs to undo.

Back Blanket Horse: 51 inches long
Comes with ten 6" x 10" inch inserts

Back Blanket Pony/Medium: 44 inches long
Comes with fourteen 6" x 7" inserts 

Back Blanket Pony/Small: 32 inches long
Comes with ten 6" x 7" inserts

To Measure:  Start where the wither meets the horse or pony's back.  The blanket should cover the croup for maximum effectiveness. If in doubt, order the longer model.


If heat is called for, try DEEP HEAT™ by Ice Horse®



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Ice Horse
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 2 reviews
by Ashley Harvey DeWitt on Ice Horse
Game Changer

Cold therapy is a huge part of my horses’ lives as one lives with kissing spines and the other is an upper level event horse. The Ice Horse back blanket has become an essential part of our routine as it allows me to ice important parts of their body with ease. In the winter we use the heat packets for heat therapy and all summer we use the ice packs for cold therapy after intense rides. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable they’d be or how difficult it would be to ice their backs without the back blanket. I can even leave one of my guys alone while he ices and use that time to get other chores done. If your horse has any type of back stiffness or arthritis I highly recommend it as it’s been a major game changer for us. 10/10 recommend.

by Reese on Ice Horse
Must-Have Product

I have a 17 yo Canadian Sport Horse. I use the back blanket after every ride in the trailer to keep her feeling good. She yawns and licks and chews the whole time she's enjoying her cold therapy treatment. It definitely helps her work out the soreness!

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