Suspensory Wrap


  • Pair with 8 Cold Inserts
  • Pony - Pair with 10 Cold Inserts

Tired of cold therapy products that don’t stay cold? Ice Horse Wraps with Cold Capsule Inserts are scientifically proven to stay colder 3 times longer than gel wraps or buckets of ice and water. Ice Horse Wraps with patented Cold Capsule Inserts are the first choice of veterinarians, leading riders and trainers.

Suspensory Wraps  provide coverage from just below the knee along the entire cannon, pastern and fetlock areas and rest on the coronary band covering the entire length of the suspensory ligament. Wrap fits both front and hind legs and is great for treating Suspensory Ligament injury and Deep Digital Flexor Tendon problems.

  • The Ice Horse Suspensory Wrap is made of heat-releasing Quadrispan™, so it doesn’t suppress heat inside like Neoprene can.
  • The compression-tight material also provides even compression along the leg and tendon for better healing.
  • Ice Horse is well tolerated by horses (no more holding a fidgety horse while trying to cold hose his legs.) And Velcro tabs make Ice Horse wraps quick and easy to apply and remove.
  • Once frozen, Cold Capsule inserts are filled with small ice crystals which look and feel like soft flakey snow, are malleable, and conform to the horse's body for maximum coverage.
  • Cold Capsule inserts are scientifically tested and proven to provide therapeutic cooling for over two hours.


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Ice Horse
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 5 reviews
by Susan R. on Ice Horse
Terrific Customer Service

About two weeks ago, I ordered a pair of Cold Capsule Inserts. Within a few days, I noticed one of the packs was not freezing properly. Laura did an excellent job resolving my situation. It is a pleasure to do business with this company!

by Erika on Ice Horse
Mixed feelings

I bought the suspensory wraps in March and have used them every day on a pretty severe tendon injury. First off good quality and great customer service! I really appreciate the company being a small American factory. The ice packs are wonderful for a few uses, soft like snow but very quickly turn into hard rocks and need to be replaced. The ice packs velcro to the inside of the boot. The Velcro is awful! Ice packs fall off the boot before the boot is applied to the leg. Very frustrating. I also find it much more beneficial if the leg is wet when you apply the boots. Icing the leg dry leaves many warm spots. Using these boots is much better than cold hosing I would love to see some improvement in the ice packs.

Thank you for choosing Ice Horse, Erika! We really appreciate your feedback. You are 100% correct, water is a great conductor so wetting the legs first is so important! We're sorry to hear you found our Velcro had less than stellar stackability. We will pass that feedback onto our product development team. We just created a video about our Cold Capsule inserts on YouTube. Check that out to make sure you are doing all you can to extend the life of the Cold Capsule inserts: should last at least 50 freeze/thaw cycles. If you didn't find that to be the case, please email us at

by Lisa Brendtke on Ice Horse
Outstanding product

My horse foundered and I was told to ice her as much as possible. I had ice wraps, but TWO trainers told me; "No, use these!" and pointed to their Ice Horse Suspensory Wraps. Both said they stayed cold longer and molded to the leg for a more comfortable fit. We started using them immediately. In 100+ degree heat, these stay cold two hours or more, even with the horse standing outside in the sun (of course....)
When I called customer service to get my own and some additional ice packs, Laura was awesome and got them all out for me the same day.
Excellent products ... excellent service. A company that really cares about our horses!

by Anita Flick on Ice Horse
Great Product Great Customer Service

I purchased the Suspensory wraps to use on my QH . Because of her small size, the horse size were too large. Calling customer service with this company was a pleasant experience. Even when I had to leave a message, a return phone call was quickly received and all my questions were answered. The pony size wraps were shipped to me BEFORE I returned the horse size. I now use the wraps after every work out and have found them to work well. Thank you Ice Horse!

by Katie Stenroos on Ice Horse
Saves my horses legs!

After competing with my horse at all day game shows where we run 6 patterns, I use Ice Horse products on all four of my horse's legs. I use the Suspensory Wraps on the front legs. The wraps cool down the legs fast and help reduce the wind puffs my horse has developed. The ice stays cold long, and the wraps stay put on my horse's legs. I will not leave home without these! I used them almost every weekend from May through October last summer, and they held up great!

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