Tendon Wraps


  • Pair - 4 Cold Inserts
  • Single - 2 Cold Inserts
  • Pony - Pair 4 Cold Inserts
  • Pony - Single 2 Cold Inserts
Now available in Pony Size!

IceHorse® Tendon Wraps are perfect for preventing injury, removing heat post-workout, or treating bowed tendons and splints. 

  • Easy to use IceHorse® Tendon Wraps provide uniform compression and coverage to reduce inflammation and heat of the tendons and ligaments surrounding the cannon bone area after work or injury.
  • Cold Capture inserts stay cold for over two hours—3X longer than gels or buckets of ice water. 
  • Cold capture inserts mold to the horses legs for maximum coverage.
  • Our wraps are made with Quadraspan a Non-Neoprene anti-migration fabric. This unique breathable fabric keeps the wraps in place on the horse’s leg and the Cold Capsule inserts compressed against the area being treated.
  • Specially placed Velcro closures allow for a secure tight fit every time. Removal is easy—no yanking or jerking on the tabs to undo.
  • When you are done, simply place your packs back in the freezer (with the vent-side facing up.) Within hours they are ready to use again. 

If heat is recommended, try DEEP HEAT™ by IceHorse®.



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Ice Horse
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by Ruth Z on Ice Horse
Great Wraps

I recently had a horse with a very high temp. My vet checked him, we treated him with meds to lower temp, and gave him cold baths but it still wasn't coming down as much as we wanted. I applied these wraps along with the Ice Horse All Purpose Wrap around his neck and was able to drop his temp more than a degree in a very short amount of time. Thank you Ice Horse!

by Izzy on Ice Horse
Duke's Review!!

I have been recently noticing that Duke gets a bit of inflammation in his legs after long hard workouts. I have been trying to find things to help for a long time and I finally found the perfect fix!! These tendon boots work great and immediately stop swelling and inflammation! They make Duke's joints feel so good and relaxed and he loves it! He can move around so well now and seems looser and more free moving! I would definitely recommend these to anyone with a horse of any age! They work miracles.

by Stephanie on Ice Horse
Love these ice boots!

I have recently fully recovered my 14yo gelding from collateral ligament tears. After a year of struggling, of course, I was wary of putting him back to work. These boots work great to cool his legs after a ride and get rid of any possible inflammation. He's doing GREAT!! Thank you!

by Chelsea on Ice Horse
Great quality

Great quality. They stay on very well. Great when you can't cold hose and much easier!

by Katie Stenroos on Ice Horse
My horse thanks me!

After competing with my horse at all day game shows where we run 6 patterns, I use Ice Horse products on all four of my horse's legs. I used the Tendon Wraps on the back. The wraps cool down the legs fast and help reduce the windpuffs my horse has developed. The ice stays cold long, and the wraps stay put on my horse's legs. I will not leave home without these!

by Malin F on Ice Horse
Tendon savors

Reducing swelling is imperative to reduce strain on the tendons. After my horse bowed the deep flexor using these wraps was very helful. Not only does it redude swelling, but it tells the horses body "hey come here and fix this." With work and life and caring for my horse, this was the product that ensured my horse got the three cool downs per day she needed. And a few months later we were cleared to ride.

by Beth G on Ice Horse
A Barn Staple

I love my Ice Horse Tendon Wraps. They are one of the things that I make sure that I take with me when traveling to shows and while at home. I bought a mini fridge with a freezer portion just to make sure that I could have my Ice Horse ice packs for use on my horses legs. I have used them to help cool down injuries as well as to prevent them. I love my Ice Horse!!

by Reese on Ice Horse
Beats Cold Hosing!

A much better option than cold hosing! It works really well. Stays cold and is well secured on the horse's legs.

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