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The Run for a Million, 2019

Team Ice Horse rider Cade McCutcheon recently took the title of Co-Champion at The Run for a Million event.

Ice Horse has been the trusted choice for the McCutcheon Family for many years. Like his father Tom McCutcheon, Cade relies on Ice Horse wraps and boots to cool inflammation and reduce soreness after a workout. Regular use helps keep his horses performing at the top of their game.

When it comes to cold therapy that actually works, Ice Horse is miles ahead of the competition.

When frozen, the Cold Capsule inserts are filled with small, malleable, snowy-textured ice crystals that conform to a horse’s body for maximum coverage. The close contact ensures the best conduction of cold.

 Ice Horse Cold Capsule inserts deliver <strong>therapeutic cold three times longer</strong> than all the other wraps and are backed by scientific testing that proves Ice Horse’s dry cryotherapy really works.

No wonder Ice Horse is preferred by both veterinarians and professional riders like Cade and Tom McCutcheon.



Cool Down Like a Pro

In order for our horses to perform their best, we must use the best…

“The inserts that go into Ice Horse wraps are made from a patented formula. When the packs are frozen the formula turns into soft fluffy snow. Because the frozen inserts remain soft, they conform easily to the horse’s legs. And there is no watery mess to clean up.”

“At Tom McCutcheon Reining Horses we use and recommend Ice Horse products.”

The Ice Horse packs are amazing. They stay cold for very extended periods of time and the technology of the Ice Horse pack itself allows you to mold that device around the region of injury. If you just took crushed ice, it’s very stiff and it stays stiff and then all of a sudden it melts, so it doesn’t have any contact with the body after that.

The Ice Horse packs are nice in that are nice you mold them around the region, crush them, move them, they’ll stay in place and they stay cold for a very extended period of time.

Melissa King, DVM

Equine Sports Medicine Clinician, Colorado State University, Fort Collins

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