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Ice Horse, the most trusted name in equine cold therapy today announced a major design change making the application of cold therapy for equine athletes easier than ever to apply.

Over the past few years the company developed a breathable wrap using a pocket to hold the ice packs. The wrap itself stretches to provide even compression on the area being treated.   The latest enhancement allows ice packs to Velcro directly onto the wrap.

Julie Garella, CEO of MacKinnon Products that manufactures Ice Horse says “We had a lot of calls from caregivers telling us how much they liked our product, but wishing they didn’t have to fiddle around with placing the ice packs into sleeves inside the wraps.  It took us awhile to figure out a design that would allow the ice to Velcro directly on the wrap, without compromising the elasticity, which is, provides maximum compression of the ice against the leg. This enhancement achieves both. “

The new design elements mark the company’s foray into the veterinary and equine orthopedic markets. “Everyone understands a cold sack of peas on a sore area” says Garella. “Our products simply make the application on horses easy to use and cost effective”.

Dr. Mark Revenaugh of Northwest Equine Performance and veterinarian for the United States Equestrian Team agrees.  “Cold therapy is oftentimes the best treatment for sport horse injuries.  Standing your horse in a snow bank or an ice-cold stream is optimal, but those options are not always practical.  I’ve found Ice Horse to be a great option:  it’s easy to use, practical, and highly effective.” 

For customers with the pocket style wraps, “don’t worry“ says Garella. The new ice packs come with a strip covering the Velcro so they are still compatible with the pocketed version. All Ice Horse products still proudly made in the United States.