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PHT Magnetic Horse Blankets

Generations have acknowledged the benefits of acupuncture, both for humans and animals. Now your high performance horse can experience those benefits even as he travels with the PHT Magnetic Horse Blanket, a nylon mesh blanket fitted with Grade 8 Ceramic magnets strategically placed on major acupuncture meridians and points. PHT is the only magnetic horse blanket on the market that targets these major points, as well as major muscle groups and the stomach and lung meridians. This means the blanket is ideal for sore muscles, as well as treating finicky eaters and bleeders. It reduces soreness, aids in respiratory problems, reduces incidents of colic and stomach ulcers and leads to better digestion. Whether you are going on a short or long trip, this magnetic horse blanket gives you the confidence that your horse will be ready to compete when you arrive. Because of the lightweight mesh used in the PHT, this blanket will keep horses cool in the summer and can be layered under a winter blanket when temperatures drop. PHT Magnetic Horse Blankets are available in sizes 74, 76, 78, 80, 82, and 84. Other sizes can be special ordered, and instructions for measuring your horse are available on the website. The blankets sell for $435 for black squares, and are also available with a choice of zebra, leopard, green flower, pink aloha, and purple aloha patterns for $445. To learn more, place an order, or find a list of retailers, visit www.phtmagnetics.com or call 888-606-7260.

Ice Horse Wraps

Your horse’s legs can heat to over 100 degrees after exercise. Heat causes inflammation and swelling, which in turn reduces blood flow and slows recovery time. Veterinarians agree, Ice Horse® cold therapy wraps are proven to quickly reduce heat and swelling after exercise or injury. The secret to Ice Horse® is the ice. Made from a patented formula, the inserts used with Ice Horse® cold therapy wraps turn into soft flakey snow when frozen and have been shown to stay cold up to five times longer than gel ice packs. These ice packs mold to your horse’s legs for maximum coverage, stay cold for over two hours, and can be used again and again. Easy to use, Ice Horse® wraps are made in the USA using a unique, breathable fabric designed to provide uniform compression and coverage. The wraps protect your horse’s legs after exercise or injury by reducing heat, pain, and swelling without injections, medications, or harsh cold treatments that can cause damage to the skin and circulation. Ice Horse® tendon wraps (pictured) provide cooling to tendons and ligaments surrounding the cannon bone area and retail for $99.95; while the Evendura wrap cools below the knee and around the pastern and fetlock areas. Evendura may be used on front or hind legs and retails for $149.95. To order Ice Horse® Wraps or other Ice Horse® products, visit www.icehorse.net.

ShowSheen® Hair Polish & Detangler

Looks aren’t everything, but how you and your horse look in the arena can affect how you feel about your performance and what kind of image you project to judges, audiences, and your fellow competitors. Keep your horse ready for the ring with ShowSheen®, a line of products designed to safely clean, condition, and moisturize your horse’s mane, tail and coat for a healthy, vibrant, award-winning shine. ShowSheen® Hair Polish & Detangler helps eliminate knots in the mane and tail quickly while strengthening the hair. Its nourishing pro-vitamins condition the coat for a healthy, natural shine, and the spray repels dirt and dust to make grooming easy. ShowSheen® is considered the No. 1 hair polish in more than 25 countries around the world. ShowSheen® Hair Polish & Detangler comes in a 16-ounce bottle, two 32-ounce bottle options, and a one gallon bottle. Other ShowSheen® products include: ShowSheen® 2-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner, which deep cleans and revitalizes hair in one easy step. ShowSheen® Detangler Gel, which strengthens and moisturizes manes and tails to help keep hair healthy and tangle-free. ShowSheen® Finishing Mist, perfect for last-minute touch-ups. ShowSheen® Stain Remover & Whitener, a fast-acting spot remover enhanced with Oxi-Eraser® stain lifters for a color-safe, deep clean without bleach. To learn more, download a coupon, and find a ShowSheen® dealer near you, visit www.absorbine.com.