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What To Do If You Suspect Laminitis

Not all hoof injuries and conditions are laminitis, but many possibilities look the same, and might feel the same, to your horse. Any time a horse has soreness, lameness, heat in the hooves, or you suspect a hoof issue, please consult your Veterinarian for a treatment plan. We had the amazing opportunity to chat with Dr. James Orsini, of the New Bolton Center, about laminitis.

Often, in the case of laminitis, you might find the following signs:
- Reluctance to walk
- Strong digital pulse at the fetlock
- Heat in the hoof
- Reluctance to turn
- A parked out stance to take pressure from the front hooves
- Lameness

It could be laminitis, but it could also be something else! Either way, your horse is hurting. There are a few easy steps to take to relieve the pain and work towards a diagnosis.

- Ice your horse’s hooves.

- Call your Veterinarian.

- Give anti-inflammatory medications if your Veterinarian directs you to.

Both ice and anti-inflammatory medications are great pain relievers and will help your horse be more comfortable until the Vet can arrive. In some cases, your Veterinarian may suggest holding off on medications until a full exam can be done. Every case will be different, but having the proper supplies on hand is the first step to keeping your horse healthy.

Listen below to renowned laminitis expert Dr. James Orsini discusses these steps!