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Amberley Snyder

#TeamIceHorse Profiles

Amberley and Legacy in action!
Horse: Legacy aka "Legs"
Sport: Barrel Racing
Cold Therapy: Ice Horse Suspensory Wraps
Fun Fact: Amberley LOVES to make stovetop S'mores

More About Amberley Snyder

Amberley Snyder has been riding since she was three and competing in rodeo since she was seven. She was successful in the rodeo arena all growing up and into high school. In 2009, Amberley was the Finals and World All-Around Cowgirl for the National Little Britches Rodeo Association. 

In 2010, Amberley was involved in a rollover car accident, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. Only a year and a half later, Amberley was back competing in barrel racing. She now has modifications on her saddle including a seat belt making it possible for her to be in the rodeo arena again. 

Amberley and her Quarter Horse, Legacy (registered name: French Open), have been competing together for 4 years. Legacy is the first horse Amberley trained as a barrel racing partner after her accident and she credits him with giving her "legs" so she affectionately calls him "Legs."

Amberley was voted in as the Fan Exemption for RFDTV's The American and will be competing in AT&T’s Cowboy Stadium in March. She is the first paralyzed athlete to compete in the richest one day rodeo in America. Amberley also has a widespread social media following. Her most popular trends are "Wheelchair Wednesdays" where Amberley shows a piece of her life each week in a wheelchair. It can be simple tasks such as opening a door to bigger accomplishments like lifting herself on her horse. 

In 2017, Amberley wrote a children's book about her story to share her "triumph over tragedy" story with young people.

In 2018, Netflix partnered with Amberley to create a movie about her life. Walk. Ride. Rodeo. will premier on Netflix on March 8, 2019. In the film, Amberley is the stunt double for the scenes on the horse after her accident. (In the movie actress Spencer Locke plays the role of Amberley for all of the other parts that don't involve "stunts!")

Amberley's Favorite Features

  • Ice Horse is easy to use.
  • Conforming wraps fit my Quarter Horse's legs.
  • Cold Capsule™ inserts stay cold for over 2 hoursfor deep consistent cooling.
  • I no longer have to fuss with boots to keep the compression as the ice melts like with other products I've tried in the past.

Cold Therapy of Choice

Amberley trusts the Ice Horse suspensory wraps to cool Legacy's legs after running barrels.

#TeamIceHorse Profile: Amberley Snyder and Legacy


Amberley has accomplished so much in her 28 years and she shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. She continues to set ambitious goals and pursue them no matter how many obstacles she has to overcome to achieve them.

Her unwavering commitment to inspire others by telling her story of triumph over tragedy is an inspiration to us all! We're very proud she's part of #TeamIceHorse.

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