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Why are IceHorse® packs different?
IceHorse® cold therapy inserts were developed using a state of the art technology called First Ice®

The inserts that go into IceHorse® wraps are made from a patented formula. When the packs are frozen the formula turns into soft fluffy snow. Once the liquid inside the inserts has gone through a transformation (think water turning into snow), it takes a very long time for it to melt.

Because the frozen inserts remain soft, they conform easily to the horse’s legs. And there is no watery mess to clean up.

How long should I freeze my IceHorse® inserts before using them?
We recommend freezing for at least 4 hours prior to use.

How long do IceHorse® inserts last?
When fully frozen, IceHorse® inserts will last about 2 hours. For continuous cooling, as is the case when treating laminitis, the second set of inserts will stay cold for about 4 hours. This is because the first application does an excellent job of removing heat.

What happens if my inserts break?
The formula is non-toxic to humans and animals. You can simply discard any broken inserts.

Are IceHorse® inserts re-usable?
Yes, inserts can be used 50+ times. After that, you will begin to notice the snow becoming crunchy.You can break it up by massaging in your hands for a minute or two. Eventually, you will want to replace your inserts so your horse can fully benefit from the soft snow conforming tightly to the leg.

Can IceHorse® inserts be used for heat?
IceHorse® inserts were designed to be extremely effective in removing heat from the body. While you can heat the ice inserts, we recommend using DEEP HEAT by IceHorse® as a more effective method of providing long lasting heat therapy to your horse.

How do I keep my IceHorse® inserts frozen when traveling?
We have found that using dry ice in a cooler is a highly effective method of keeping the inserts frozen and fluffy for long periods when there is no freezer available. Be sure to place a barrier (a paper bag or newspaper works fine) between the dry ice and the ice packs. Many grocery stores carry dry ice. It is also readily available in welding supply or Air Gas stores.


In the event you are unable to use dry ice, freeze baggies full of water and lay the IceHorse® inserts on top.

Can I use Tendon and Evendura wraps on front and hind legs?
Yes! Both wraps can go on both the front and hind legs. We recommend the Evendura wraps for hind legs as they are larger and therefore more effective at providing optimal coverage on hind legs.

Why should I sponge the area to be treated before applying my IceHorse® wraps?
Unless you are using the wraps on a open wound or an area that must stay dry, as is the case with sutures after surgery, we recommend using a damp sponge before you apply the ice wraps because water is an excellent conductor of cold. The moisture will transfer the cold to the leg more efficiently.

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