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"Nothing compares in effectiveness and in quality to IceHorse."

The anatomic fit of the IceHorse wraps, hoof boots, and back blanket are the absolute best on the market, says Johnson. The products fit so well–and have excellent insulation–that I’m able to utilize them for both cold and heat therapy for my patients.

At ESMR our mission is to provide the best, evidence-based veterinary care for actively competing equine athletes and those rehabilitating from orthopedic injuries,” said Johnson. “Our alliances with like-minded industry leaders such as IceHorse ultimately advance the level of care we can provide.”

– Dr. Sherry Johnson

About sherry Johnson

Dr. Johnson was raised in Iowa on a row crop farm, spending most of her time on the back of a horse. She attended veterinary school at Iowa State University, followed by an internship at the Equine Medical Center of Ocala (EMCO). After completing an Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation residency at Colorado State University and becoming DACVSMR board-certified, she embarked on a Ph.D. program where she focused on rehabilitation modalities related to tendon healing.

Her achievements include receiving the 2018 American Quarter Horse Foundation Young Investigator Award; the 2019 EQUUS Foundation Research Fellow for her research on new approaches for tendon injury rehabilitation in horses; and the 2020 Grayson-Jocky Club Research Foundation Storm Cat Career Development Award for her project, "Validation of Blood Flow Restriction Training in Horses."

Her Partners & Practice at ESMR

Dr. Johnson is a partner and managing veterinarian of Equine Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation (ESMR) in Texas, along with partners, Dr. Josh Donnell and Dr. Cameron Stoudt. She is also a senior partner and co-founder of EquineCORE, Inc., the nation's first specialist-owned and operated tele-rehabilitation service.