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Ice Horse is Proud to Announce New Team Riders

Ice Horse is proud to announce the addition of new team riders, Liz Halliday-Sharp, Caroline Martin, and Sara Kozumplik Murphy. All three riders compete at the international, FEI-level for Three-Day Eventing and utilize Ice Horse products to provide the best cold therapy for their respective strings.

“Ice Horse and Eventing really go hand in hand,” said Julie, Ice Horse CEO and owner. “Ice Horse cold therapy products are clinically proven to stay colder longer and to cool inflammation better than any other equine cold therapy option. From dressage to cross-country to stadium jumping, the Eventing sport demands a lot from the horses’ bodies and legs, and there’s no better way to maintain, or treat, soundness than with consistent application of Ice Horse products.”

Liz Halliday-Sharp

Caroline Martin

Sara Kozumplik Murphy

Liz Halliday-Sharp agrees on the importance of cold therapy for her horses. Keeping her horses sound is a key factor in achieving her accomplished record, which includes winning the 2020 U.S. Eventing Rider of the Year title in addition to landing on the top of the international leaderboard with the most FEI wins in 2020. Halliday-Sharp is a favorite to make the U.S. team for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

“I absolutely love the Ice Horse products for my horses,” said Halliday-Sharp. “The Cold Capsule inserts are secured easily with velcro, and they stay in place on the horses’ legs. The Ice Horse boots are great for the young horses that may get nervous standing in big boots or tubs, and the upper-level horses benefit from Ice Horse’s superior coverage.”

“It is so hard to keep most ice products cold, but I have never had a problem with these.” Halliday-Sharp added. “And the Cold Capsule inserts are small enough that they fit in freezers or coolers for no-hassle transport when we are on the road. Ice Horse is absolutely what I would recommend for horses for all levels and needs.”

Halliday-Sharp’s most-used Ice Horse products for her string are the Ice Horse Tendon Wraps (starting at $59.95).

Caroline Martin is another well-known name in the sport, having earned multiple titles and championships as a young rider. She was also named to the U.S. Developing Rider and Team Training lists every year for nearly a decade. And at the young age of 26, Martin has already represented the country in multiple international team competitions and is shortlisted for the upcoming Olympic Games.

“I’m so amazed with Ice Horse products,” Martin said. “I had been searching for a product to use when our horses finish a jump school or a gallop that would actually stay cold on their legs, without making them nervous. I also struggled to find a product that would stay in difficult areas like hocks and stifles.

“Ice Horse wraps stay in place, are easy to use, and don’t spook the horses. Horses can move around all they want in Ice Horse, including on hauls home after local events or on walks back to the barns after cross-country.

“Best of all, the Cold Capsule inserts actually stay cold and secured on the horses, no matter what. With a busy import sales business, I feel the Ice Horse products are also the perfect introduction for young horses, especially 4-year-olds, into icing. Ice Horse helps my horses feel their best and gives me the peace of mind that I’m doing everything I can for their soundness.”

In addition to the leg wraps, Martin likes to utilize the Ice Horse Back Blanket ($169.95) to relieve any back soreness. The Back Blanket can also be used with heat inserts for heat therapy.

Sara Kozumplik Murphy is an international competitor in both Eventing and in Show Jumping. Additionally, she is a well-respected and sought-after coach and horse trainer and is known for producing quality horses.

“Ice Horse was the solution after a long search for effective cold therapy,” said Kozumplik Murphy. “For years prior, our busy, professional barn grew tired of using cumbersome and substandard equipment to ice our horses’ legs after galloping and jumping. We needed an alternative solution that was effective, practical, and not time-consuming—which is exactly what Ice Horse offers.

“Ice Horse leg, body, and hoof care are designed to offer the best combination of compression and cold therapy to reduce inflammation. Not only are the Ice Horse products easy to use, but I noticed a huge difference in the coolness and tightness of my horses’ legs after using Ice Horse. Gone are the days of ice packs melting or boots slipping because Ice Horse doesn’t move and its Cold Capsules stay freezing cold for hours.”

“These products are so easy to use that anyone at any level can effectively and confidently use Ice Horse without supervision,” Kozumplik Murphy added. “We now haul our horses home from local events wearing various Ice Horse products. These products are a game-changer for our program.”

Kozumplik Murphy finds the Ice Horse Hock Wraps (starting at $79.95) to be helpful in icing an area that would otherwise be difficult to treat.

Ice Horse is proud to sponsor these three, exceptional athletes. They join the Ice Horse team that includes other top, international Eventers such as Lauren Kieffer and Buck Davidson.